Opengl 3.1

am getting a message that zwift requires opengl 3.1 to run , i have an alienware alpha i5 8gb , i am not computer savvy whatsoever , i received my alpha yesterday and it was running fine on my tv in my lounge , i bought a new tv today and am having this message , weirdly when i put the hdmi back into my other tv it loads up and works , and then when i swap the hdmi over to my new tv …it even works then , but when i re load the above message comes up again , dont really want to do this every time i want to go for a ride…help…

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! I created a support ticket for you from this post, so keep an eye on your email for more updates. Thanks!

receiving the same message, but have got OpenGL3.3 installed… Did not change my hardware, onbly updted ZWIFT… any ideas?



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