One hub, one account, 2 iPads

A one hub, one Zwift account and two iPads- one for each of the two of us. Yes, we realize that sharing one Zwift account is not recommended for the optimal experience, but we are just starting out. So, apps loaded fine I both iPads. The first iPad synched up fine. The second can’t get past the power and speed sensor page.

You’ll have to make sure to force-quit one Zwift app before running it on a second device.

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Force quit didn’t work. The good iPad is off when I try to pair the other iPad. Second iPad still won’t pair. Yes, I double checked the blue tooth. Does the one hub not like pairing to more than one device? Plan is to eventually pair it with an Apple TV as well as the iPads.

The Hub can only pair to one device at a time, but that should not stop you from pairing it to another device if the first one is turned off. Did you also try power-cycling the trainer before switching to the 2nd iPad?

No. Will try that tonight. Thanks!