Multiple ios device interference / lockout

iOS devices currently “hold” / “lock” all devices they see in the area.


Using two iPads running ios 11.x; once the first devices scans the area for devices and selects the ones to use; it does not release the other devices it saw on scan. A second iOs device then can not pair any of those devices including HR, Powermeters and SmartTrainers.

Until the 1st copy of Zwift is completely close; not other program and see or interact with the devices that copy of zwift is not actually using.

Yes, that is how it works. We grab everything so you can see power numbers, HR data, cadence, etc to tell your sensor from other sensors.   The search lasts up to 2-3 minutes before we release everything.


Understood but it’s not working as you describe.

I was 2.5 hours into a 3 hour ride. Wife came downstair to ride. When she had problems I stopped pedaling on mine, and we tried everything for 25 minutes to get her’s working thinking it was some other device in the room. Finally we quit / abandon my ride on my device and her Tax Neo, P1 pedals and heart rate monitor instantly appeared. There was no delay it was instant. Insult to injury Zwift was unable to recover / resume my ride on relaunch; as it could then not find my devices because here’s was hoarding them. Had to resort to using ANT+ on TraiinerRoad to do anything else to finish up.

A more proper protocol would be to scan the air for available devices; but not connect. Then on tap connect to just that and only that device. Greedily grabbing and connecting to all the devices especially on BTLE is a hostile approach especially on a 1-1 protocol like BTLE. 

I know this can be done properly as TrainerRoad, BKOOL, CycleOps Virtual Training all do it successfully.  

We have 3 bike in a room, 3 trainers, and 3 dedicated iPads. I just introduced my wife and my son to zwift as an alternative to training for Ultra cycling, and as it stands we are unable to ride together as the first device to connect hoards all the devices and does not release them.



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