On mobile app, messages cover back button and menu button

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #1

When viewing data for another rider on the mobile app, if a group message comes through, it covers the top of the screen, hiding the back button.  So if a bunch of messages keep coming through, you don’t get a chance to hit the back button to exit viewing another rider. (all on the mobile app).  This is on an iPhone 6 running the latest mobile app version.

When I try to click in the proper area, it brings up the box for entering a group message which is annoying as well.

(Stef Levolger) #2

The chat system is worthless all together on both the mobile application as well as the desktop application. I do not have a tablet, so can’t judge for the app on a tablet. But with 500+ active riders the lack of a standard chat box and merely having a single chat bubble pop up at a time is just poor design.

The developers ought to have a glance at the way more traditional MMO’s handle chat, as with the increasing popularity of Zwift the current chat system is becoming increasingly pointless.

(Nick Pratt TV5) #3

Agree 100% - when everyone gets chatty, the mobile app (Android) is unusable.

(Brian Gorby) #4

Hey folks,

We hear you, and are working on overhauling how chat works on mobile at the moment. In the mean time, there is the option to disable Group and/or Private messages in the mobile app via the Settings screen if things get too chatty.

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #5

Thanks for the update.  Yep, noticed the option to turn off group messages on the phone and it worked great.  

(L Read) #6

I agree with Eric. The constant chat messages at the top of the App is very annoying. Makes the App’s upper buttons very hard to use. 

I would be much better to have the option of placing the chat bubbles on the main screen only.