Group messages now showing but hide selected in setting

Hi team, I’ve run zwift off iPad now for two,years and had not one single problem with the hide group chat option under settings. All of a sudden yesterday, group messages are now showing up even with hide group chat seeding set to hide? Is this because pc update has taken place by I-devices haven’t yet?

No idea. I don’t think there has been a recent update (but recent depends on how often you use it). Have you tried toggling the switch on and then off etc?

Edit. This suggests others have the same problem

I started the other thread about this. I Zwift using Apple TV and have tried to turn it off/on and restarted the App several times. Users on other platforms are also noticing it. I Zwift every day and for me this started the day after the last Companion update was released (the one with the new meetup settings).

Yeah like a million times. I actually deleted the zwift app completely and re- installed I also just last weekend factory reset the whole iPad. Still no luck

There is a thread in known issues related to private meetups - messages, I think these are all related.
I’ve contacted zwift support on multiple occasions over weeks and not gotten a reply.

I guess if it is in known issues, it was moved there by a zwift moderator and acknowledged, but I am just guessing. It would be nice to get an official response on it though.

Meetup chat showing to everyone in the world has been resolved as part of yesterday’s update.

That’s odd, I have been on 2 group rides since the update with messages off and see no change

Apparently they changed/corrected this behaviour for meetups but not for group rides. So if it’s a bug affecting your issue, presumably it’s still there.

Why turn off messages in meetups - unless it is for messages from people outside your meetup in proximity and not direct messages. Presumably you are in a meetup because you in some way know the people there to have been invited in.

Seems like an odd thing to mess with considering all the other things that could actually benefit the platform…

It would be nice if zwift support would comment…

Sorry, what I mean is that there was previously an issue where chat in a meetup would be visible to everyone else in that world. Obviously not ideal. That’s now been fixed in the latest update, so chat within a meetup stays exclusive to participants. However chat in a group ride still does show to everyone else in that world, as before.

I can’t remember whether this was ever changed? Anyway it’s back if so. Seeing every message from a massive group ride I’m not in.