Text Message Issues

For the last few week I have not been able to see any text messages whatsoever. I used to see them, but now I don’t see any…

I’ve had the same problem, but only since the last update.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re both having issues. There is a (recently added) setting that allows you to turn chat on/off. You can access this setting from the pause screen, in the settings menu. Can you both please check if the ‘Show Group-Chat’ setting is on show or hide?

Additionally, those settings are saved locally, so if a second user logs into their account on that machine and changes those settings, they will carry over to any other account that logs in on that machine.

If you are the only person using Zwift on that machine and did not change the setting, or if your chat is set to show but you are still not seeing messages, please let me know!

A reboot of my router and wireless access point seems to have cleared this up for me.

Group text is turned on for the mobile app as well as the pc…but still no texts show up.