chat on/off options

(Raf Vervloessem BZR A) #1


Having much fun on Zwift! Thanks for the great platform. 

I’d like to have the option to independently toggle group chat off on the Zwift Mobile LInk app, and keep chat messages coming in on the computer screen. That way, you can still read eg race instructions on screen but at the same time do not have the issue of chat messages hampering the use of functionality within the app. 

(Todd Taylor) #2

Or a UI change so that chat messages don’t overlap the top of the mobile application, blocking the ability to click on certain things.  Perhaps the chat display, when enabled, should take-up a fixed portion of the screen rather than appearing as a pop-up over the top of the main UI.

(Brett Wakefield) #3

Agree with these, Need ability to hide chat from mobile device.