Text bar at top for mobile app

(B ruver John ZZRC) #1


Just a little grumble of mine, now that Zwift is growing quickly i have noticed that the text bar is continuously popping up on the mobile app especially on busy times thus covering the follow tab. this gets very annoying when your trying to follow your group and wish to see where they all are and impossible to reach? can this be improved?

many thanks. John Barter 

(Eric Min) #2

Suggest you disable messaging on your mobile. I generally only display private messages on the mobile. You’ll still see both messages in the game. 

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #3

I’ve noticed it sometimes lags a lot from the in-game messages, is sometimes up to 30-60 seconds behind. If we should disable it, is that a temporary measure until both the lag and the overlapping is fixed?