Ocean Boulevard Route Achievement

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My wife has been working through some of the running route achievement badges and headed around Ocean Boulevard to attempt that one a couple of nights ago … however, in spite of completing more than the requisite distance (around 11.7km in total) and going through the arch at around the appropriate completion distance, wasn’t awarded the badge.

Anyone know whether there is an issue with this one, or whether there is a longer lead-in and a different finishing arch so she hadn’t actually completed the route? She would like to have another go at it, but this is around the upper limit of her current distance running so, if there is a 2km lead-in before the course even starts she will not waste her time until she feels ready to tackle the extra distance.


I don’t think I’ve ever got an achievement badge for any route I’ve ran.It is disheartening to cross the line and get nothing.

Figures … I know she has the May Field badge and, I think a couple of the other shorter ones, so at least some of them do work (some of the time).

Try not to get disheartened … as long as you are running you are doing something much more positive than me sitting here pretending to plan my online lessons for this week!

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You need to make sure you are not doing any manual turns.

I am pretty sure she doesn’t even know how to do manual turns …

I have never had an issue with getting badges. I just select the route and let Zwift make the turns and after completing the route I get the pop up awarding me the badge.

Most of the time people are not awarded badges because they due manual turns or not go far enough.

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I haven’t either, but I don’t have any experience with the running badges (as opposed to the cycling routes), hence my question about whether there was a longer lead-in or other aspects to be aware of on this particular route, as she definitely completed more than the distance stated for the route and went under a banner/arch at around that correct distance.

The lead ins for running are not nearly as long as biking. I have all the running badges except the Mayfield.

For the running badges I did notice I had to go a little beyond the arch to get awarded the badge.

Surely crossing the finish line should be far enough?

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you properly need to run a little bit further until the achievement badge pop up…

No, you need to run a little further to be awarded the badge.

Can you imagine that happening IRL?

Even IRL you have to go past the finish line to collect your bage/medal.

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I don’t run in public races - but I take your point.

Well, you have to completely cross the finish line. You don’t normally have to run another 100m down the road before you are classed as finished …

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The races I did we had to line up for at least 200m to get our medals.

At least in Zwift we don’t have to get in line :grin:

800m going by this morning’s run - which is less of an issue on a bike but a ridiculous distance on foot.

Oceans Blvd is listed at 6.5 miles. When I did it, I found I hit the 6.5 mile mark long before I had returned to the finish banner. I received the badge, but only after I arrived back at the finish banner. I don’t recall the exact distance, but I want to think I had to go close to another mile.