NPE WYUR connection problem [SOLVED]

Hi all,
Is anyone successfully using the new WYUR from North Pole Engineering connected to Zwift on an iPad?
I can connect the WYUR, but speed is not being read by the Zwift app, meaning i cant ride. Other measures are showing up, like power and resistance, but speed is not. It doesnt matter if i’m using the inbuilt speed sensor in the WYUR, or if it is relaying my ant+ speed sensor, Zwift still isn’t seeing the speed measurement. Signal strength seems fine, i’ve tried re-installing the apps, resetting the WYUR and have removed any potentially interfering devices from the vicinity.

I’ve confirmed with NPE support that speed is being transmitted, and i have a couple of other apps on the same ipad which are successfully reading speed.

Anyone with any experience your advice would be greatly received.


Zwift will only read power & cadence if using a power source. If using a speed and cadence sensor then wheel speed is needed.

Thanks Lee, your answer inspired to tweak some settings and now it is working, for anyone else that has the same problem, setting the WYUR to outdoor cycling appears is what has solved it. I guess that in “outdoor” mode it stops transmitting power or resistance data and therefore Zwift will read the speed data.

Happy riding!

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