NPE Runn problems

My NPE runn stopped to transmit the speed. It has the latest firmware. The speed remains at zero on the Cofigurez app and on Zwift. I have restared several times the Runn, problem remains.

Any clues??

have you done a factory reset?

The reset option in Configurez normally makes it jump bank into line but dm go for a full factory reset if not.

Also is there any chance the position may have changed? Sometimes only the slightest movement can cause it to not read your stickers, assuming your stickers haven’t come off.

I try an hardware reset, i just cant confirm if it really reset it… i don’t have stickers, instead i painted 2 white straps instead of stickers because the stickers went out at first use

Yes that does happen. I use superglue with the stickers.

You can tell if a reset works as the lights go out then come back on and the app disconnects and you have to connect again to the Runn.

Via Configurez I see the feedback from the lights and that does not solve the issue. Via the charging cable i dont see feedback so I dont kniw if the reset happens

Follow the reset procedure here.

I did the reset, opening the module and disconnect the battery during 5 minutes.
No it works but it only reads the speed if I position the module in a negative angle. Its weird.

Well done for getting it working.

I have seen the issue with it only working on an angle.

Luckily Zwift does not care for gradients so it doesn’t matter.

Ya I don’t care about the gradient on Zwift, I Just want it to work properly withe the stripes. Ill tri to low down the position, maybe without the cradl.e