NPE Runn not transmitting speed via BT after last update

After the last Zwift update this week, I have issues with both my NPE Runn sensors not transmitting speed via BT, only via ANT+.

Running latest firmware on both Runn devices, tried flashing the firmware on both, the issue remains.

Tried 3 different computers (2 x Windows 10, 1 x Mac), 3 different devices for Zwift Companion App (OnePlus, Samsung, Samsung), it worked on all of them before.

Anyone else ran into this issue yet?

Also opened a support ticket with NPE, awaiting response.

Following up on my own post :slight_smile:

It’s not the NPE Runn device, it transmits speed via BT to other apps, so it’s something with Zwift Companion App / Zwift.

Confirmed by NPE.

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Issue was resolved by upgrading ZCA from 3.16.0 (1063) to 3.17.1. (1072), Android device.

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