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Just discovered the npe runn which I believe is better than a runpod, has anyone tried walking with one? If so what’s the lowest speed you can walk at? I think I read somewhere that a runpod can only go down to around 5 km/h

Hi, my wife uses the RUNN to walk with and I’m sure it registers at 4km/h. Might do even slower…I’ll try and check it by starting the treadmill slow and seeing at which point the avatar starts to move.

That would be excellent, thank you!

So I’ve checked it.

Our treadmill goes down to 2km/h before it stops so I set it to that. The RUNN device also said 2km/h and the avatar in swift was walking. On another test the avatar wasn’t walking, but the scenery was and distance was being recorded, but all other times it was actually walking. So it registers down to 2km/h for sure.

IMG_2362 IMG_2363

Excellent thank you for the thorough test! Now time to work out if the stickers will stick to my treadmill belt, its a heavy duty belt so it’s perforated or ridged whatever you want to call it

Our belt isn’t smooth either and the stickers are ok, I just pushed them down with my thumb to try and mould them around the dimply bits. I put 4 lots in total around the belt but I think 3 is ok. If they don’t stick you can use white paint, i.e. tip-ex as it works by sensing the time taken for the light to reflect back to the two sensors.

Just found this image of my runn, its taken with the belt running so not totally clear, but you can see the belt isn’t totally smooth.

I also put two stickers at each of my 4 points to make them longer as my belt won’t stay dead centre, it slowly moves to the right then back again, not quickly, i.e. on a 40 minute run it might only move a bit, but it always recovers so i’m not going to play catch-me by adjusting the tension unless it starts to rub.

Oh great thanks! Might just give it a go, why not! It’s out of stock on the Zwift website so I’ll look elsewhere. Thank you so much for all your help, it’s been excellent!

No problem.

Normally I run at about 8km/h and there is about 0.2km difference between the runn and treadmill speed so I adjust the treadmill speed to get 8km in zwift (about 7.8 on the treadmill) as I’m thinking the runn is more accurate than my 15yr old treadmill. I was surprised it was spot on at 2km/h though!

When I bought mine it was out of stock at Zwift and npe but the zwift site said it would be back in stock in May…I checked on 1st May and it was in stock, so I ordered it. That was a Friday and it came from the Netherlands to me in the UK…it arrived on Sunday 3rd May! Amazing!

Used it lots and its only yesterday that the battery ran out so I charged it up. Going to fit a charge cable permanently so we don’t get that problem again.

I definitely recommend it (but I am bias cos I bought it!!!)

Well your definitely convincing me! I’m in the UK too, do you know if anywhere else sells it?

I don’t sorry, I only knew about Zwift and npe themselves but they are more expensive than Zwift and you might have to pay import duty perhaps? They’re out of stock anyway.

I must’ve looked though cos I’m impatient so would’ve wanted to find somewhere else :slight_smile:

Have you seen DC Rainmaker’s review : He quite likes it.

It records cadence as well, which is steps per minute I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) and also incline. My incline motor is stuffed so I fixed it to 2 degrees. In the picture I posted before it shows incline of 3.60…I don’t know what that means, but there is a 2nd screen in that app that shows angle at 2.10 degrees which is accurate I think. Zwift doesn’t do anything with the incline data but it does pass it through to strava or mapmyrun etc. My 30 minute, 3.54km run earlier recorded an elevation gain of 120m!

When you get the runn also download an app called “configurez” which is their app and it lets you upgrade the firmware. I also downloaded one called “GymTrakr” which shows the output from the runn unit.

haha, I’m waffling now!

Cool I’ll just wait!

I don’t think I’ve seen his review but I’ve seen a couple. They said the same things you’ve mentioned with the same apps.

Just awaiting stock now I suppose :joy:

And your not waffling!

I do that :joy:

I put some strong electrical tape cut into small strips and put those on my rippled belt… I then stuck the Runn strips on top of the electrical tape. Works quite well

Great idea, thanks for the insight!

Just got my Runn today, can you guys that have one already let me know if your lights that track the stickers stop flashing after 60 seconds? Was driving mad as I thought the using was gong to sleep after a minute, but when I paired it to Zwift it is still sending speed but the LEDS stop tracking the stickers after 60 seconds. If I hit the white button on the back they start again, but I just figured that they’d track the stickers the whole time? Thanks.

Just on a side note, where did you order it from? Zwift website still says out of stock


Yes, they stop flashing after a little while. I think they only do it so you can confirm it’s seeing each sticker.

Sounds like it’s working.

The cadence reading on mine is not very reliable, it often drops out (Zwift doesn’t show a figure) and the incline is difficult to get right but I only really want it for speed.

Have you updated the firmware? Download an app called “Configurez” and that will find your runn and let you update the firmware.

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Thanks Kevin

Michael, got it from Zwift but ordered it weeks ago (I’m in Australia, Zwift won’t ship outside of the USA so I had to use a freight forwarder).

Thanks for the info!