Runn NPE instalation

Hi! First, sorry for my english. I have bought Runn NPE. Can some one tell me the distance i must place the stickers in cm? The instruction put 18” but i dont know if this IS cm or other

Try 40 to 45cm apart, it doesn’t have to be precise. I have 5 on my treadmill about that far apart and it’s pretty accurate.

Ah! Ok! I was going to install only 3 stickers as the instructions say. Thank u!!!

Try it both ways, one may be more accurate than the other, but it works for me. About 0.1kph off what the treadmill is saying which is pretty decent.

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Mine has arrived. Fitted with 2 stickers. Manual says 18" apart but I don’t think it matters a great deal. Ran the calibration and it reports that the pace is close to being true to real life. Looking forward to testing it for real tomorrow.

Well, I can’t get it to work. I installed it following the instructions and at first it was fine but it stopped marking the speed. I updated the firmware and recalibrated it, but after a few minutes it returned to 0 speed. I have put fewer stickers and the same. I have moved the site sensor and the same. works and stops working

Can you get the unit to ‘see’ the sensors if you manually hold it rather than in the cradle? I was convinced mine had broken until I realised it was too close to the back of the treadmill belt.
Reset in Configurez app too,
Don’t give up, runn support are good too