NPE Runn

Anyone thinking of getting one of these, do it. as per the NPE Cable, it works flawlessly, set up took less than five mins. Brilliant.

Hi Kev,
I got one - after calibrating the speed is 0.3-0.5kph off the incline spot on when you are not on the treadmill but will also be off by 0.3-0.4% when you are actually running. I still like the fact that I am able to broadcast incline now. I have never used the Cable so I don’t know. My treadmill is a Proform 1850. As I live in Germany the shipping costs where high but I still recommend it to everyone who wants to track incline and/or doesn’t use a MyRun treadmill / Stryd for tracking speed. The setup is easy but you should make sure the stripes are correctly aligned and don’t use more than 3-4 as it will confuse the system - especially when the stripes are not perfectly aligned.


Stickers doesn’t have to be aligned. Runn meassure between the 2 sensors down under device. It doesnt care about the stickers distance to eachother, if they are not just too close.