Not saving ride

I’ve just finished my first 3 hour zwift ride and was looking forward to analysing the stats compared to road efforts. When I ended the ride I got the average power and time spent at 5s etc but when I saved zwift shut down without saving.
I rebooted and it started updating but no recognition of my ride. Zwift feed also doesn’t see it and it hasn’t been uploaded to strava or training peaks.
What can I do to recover this ride and I want to use it for my training plan goals.

Hi @mark_powell2

Not a great start!!

Not sure what caused it but first things first - can you recover your fit file from Zwift? See this page below for details. If you can, you should be able to fix your fit file (if damaged) and upload to Strava (but not Zwift)

Your Activity History and .fit Files.

Next, can you provide platform details - see this for specifics that can help …

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