Not moving in game with Elite realtour

Hi. I am using an Elite realtour trainer. I have everything set up and paired but I am not moving in the game. I can’t get the cadence sensor to pair but I should still move in the game, even with out it, is that correct? I am on the free 7 day trial and it should still be valid as I obviously haven’t pedalled anywhere yet! Can anyone help? This is super frustrating as I just want to get started!
Thanks :slight_smile:

You’ll will need a service to transmit power too.

A cadence sensor alone won’t move you.

Did you pair it as a controllable trainer/power source in Zwift?

Hi Stuart.
This is what I have set up so far…

If you can’t see the image, it’s the Power Source and Controllable that are paired although they are saying ‘no signal’ which I don’t understand as my laptop is connected to the internet :frowning:

Hi @Claudia_Ball

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Can you try to unpair both. Then:

  1. pair only power (while pedaling). You should see a power number in the blue block under power source. It look like you have Bluetooth and ANT+. I would try ANT+ first
  2. now that you see power go ahead and pair Controllable.

Note: check that the trainer is not connected to ant other device. Go to the laptop bluetooth settings and check that the trainer is not connected there.

Thanks Gerrie,
I will check those things and see how I go.

So I unpaired both, then tried to pair Power while pedalling and got this…

It then paired controllable automatically. Even when the pairing screen is not showing ‘no signal’ I am still not moving in the game.

If you don’t see power numbers in the pairing screen then the avatar won’t move.

Did you try to move the ANT+ dongle to another usb port.

How far is the ANT+ dongle from the Trainer.

Does it ever not show “no signal”?

The first image shows you have Bluetooth also.

Have you tried pairing using Bluetooth as your trainer is both BT & Ant+

Tried moving the dongle but there is no change. We have the laptop right next to the trainer at the moment and there is still no power output even when the ‘no signal’ is gone. :frowning:

We’ve tried using bluetooth but it doesn’t seem to work. Even when the ‘no signal’ is gone, there is still no power output.

That does not sound good. Can you test with some other software or Garmin cycling computer.

That trainer appears to be pretty old; i found a review from 2008. I scanned a couple of reviews and articles and nowhere is it listed as Smart nor is Zwift mentioned. You can try contacting Zwift to see if it can be added. The only compatibility mentioned was with Elite Real software.

In the meantime if you use a speed sensor, you can simulate.

Hi Gerrie,
Yeah, I think we are starting to give up hope here!. The signal is obviously not great between the trainer and the laptop, even when we have them right next to each other. It seems like the problem is with the trainer. That’ll teach me to buy second hand!. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

I didn’t look at the trainer until Chris mentioned “Elite realtour”…

At some point elite had proprietary ant+ connection. :sob:

Read this ELITE RealTour ANT+ wireless - #19 by Peter_Froschl

Thanks Chris. I think that getting a new speed sensor might be the best option. Thanks again for looking into it :slight_smile: