Not able to upload directly to Strava

Did an activity on Zwift yesterday and its showing in the Companion app and on Zwift but not able to upload on Strava.

Tried manually uploading the fit file on strava but it says duplicate " * duplicate of activity 5887565558". Anything I am doing wrong in uploading ?

It seems that there is already an activity uploaded to Strava, that is the same or very similar to the one recorded by Zwift. This could happen if:

  • another service you had connected to Zwift pushed the activity first
  • dual recorded with bike computer, like garmin and Garmin Connect pushed to Strava
  • connected Zwift to Strava for automatic uploads

You would have to find the duplicate activity in your Strava log and delete it before you can do manual upload.

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As above you will need to try remove the duplicate activity from strava or you might be able to run the fit file through time adjuster or something on then try upload again.

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