Not able to spin [>20 rpm]


I think I need your help

Since yesterday I’m not able to proceed with spin during training. From the beginning resistance is pretty heavy, no change if I turn off/on ERG mode. The same odd behaviour when I’m joining pace partner/free ride.

Seems like Zwift/Elite Suito stuck on really not welcomed set-up.

Restarting trainer/Zwift/laptop doesn’t help

Thank for any tips

Try the Elite MyEtraining app - you should be able to manually control the resistance in a session there. Does the same happen there?

Thank you Steve but this app is for trainings management outside of Zwift
I need to make my Zwift/Elite set-up going instead

@shooj - can you please see how it looks from Zwift perspective?

Steve is suggesting you test it using the Elite app to see if you can rule out an issue with Zwift, he’s not suggesting you abandon Zwift.

There’s been no updates in the last week to cause it to stop working suddenly.

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  • Upgrado that is used to upgrade trainer is not able to find it [however info on Elite webpage says that it can find newer trainers, mine was bought around 4 years ago]

  • Elite MyEtraining - is finding Bluetooth connection but is not able to find turned on trainer, I’ve added Suito manually but then trainer started to produce strange sound [like drilling for a few seconds]

  • Zwift is still finding it but issue with resistance occurs

Seems like I will buy new trainer today

May well be a small issue with the trainer (e.g. magnets not moving freely) that Elite support could help you to fix. I would raise a support ticket with them before running out to buy a new trainer.