Not able to finish a ride without losing connection to the server.

(Todd Jones) #1

Every ride i do I lose connection to my bluetooth even though my phone says I am still connected. When this happens all the riders around me disappear. The connection menu in the game says I have lost bluetooth connection. No worries, I turn my bluetooth off and back on, and vuala, bluetooth reconnects and i can continue riding. The thing that sucks, is that I am no longer connect to the game world and end up riding on my own for the rest of my ride, and when I go to upload my ride at the end, It never works, and my rides end up saying partial ride. I’m stuck at level 4, I’ve been to 5 and 6 I don’t know how many times. Yet again, I am back at level 4 because none of my progress is saved after i lose the bluetooth… Atleast I am getting fitter.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Todd, 

This sounds like very strange issue. Can you please try reinstall Zwift first (while being connected to the internet through a cable if possible) 

Also make sure you use the latest launcher - available HERE.

Thank you