Noob to zwift and dumb to it ( connectivity to TV )

i’ve got a cycleops Fluid2 that i will be running with a Wahoo speed sensor, and a Garmin HRM. I have a garmin 520 edge but i dont think thats relevant.

I have an Iphone 8 plus, a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 6, and a 2yr old Dell laptop, a playstation 4 and a big azz tv.

I am trying to figure out how to do my zwift rides on the TV without spending an arm and a leg. I would have to think there is some rather cheap way to run between either the iphone or table to the TV. Any help is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatly appreciated.

Depends on where you want to run Zwift on. Surface Pro probably needs a mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. The iPhone 8 probably needs a lightning to HDMI adapter.

I’ve downloaded zwift to both devices and it appears to work fine. Since I’m going to be streaming it to my Flatscreen really i just want to make sure i use the most powerful device so that there is no lag or any streaming issues.
You are correct, I’ll have to buy an adapter regardless which one i go with.

Which device do you think would run it better, also which do you think has the cheaper needed adapter?

Without knowing the specs I can’t comment on which device is more powerful but the Dell laptop should have the simplest compatibility. Only you know what video outputs it has but it’s likely either DisplayPort or HDMI. HDMI to the TV’s HDMI is a simple cable. DP to HDMI requires a cheap adapter and a HDMI cable.

Im thinking the tablet, it’s a Microsoft Surfsce Pro 6. Its the latest and greatest tablet offered by Microsoft however it only has one USB port on the side so I’ll have to get an adapter from usb to hdmi if i go that route.

My old laptop still has windows 7 so i doubt it would even pick up the sensors like the tablet and iPhone can.

I’m betting the Surface Pro will work best and with windows 10 you can use bluetooth to send the speed and cadence sensor data. You will need a display adapter, Microsoft sells a wireless one here that might work but I’m not sure if there will be any lag?

I also use a fluid 2 with a wahoo bluesc to trasmit speed and cadence to my windows 10 laptop, it works great!

There’s a Mini DisplayPort on the Surface Pro 6, you don’t need to use the USB port. The wireless HDMI adapter is Miracast so there’s some delay.

I think the Surface Pro 6 uses Intel 620 so it runs Zwift quite well. But iPhone doesn’t have so much hardware variety like Windows so it could be more stable. Either way, Zwift is completely cross platform so you can switch between the two platforms any time.

this is surface pro i have, im not familiar with wireless hdmi adapters.

My biggest thing is that i dont want delay in the setup.

I may just try iphone 8 as well as surface pro and see what works. just trying to save on cables and adapters!!

I went and purchased the Microsoft Mini display to HDMI. Works flawlessly. Cable was $40 and i even run setup at 1080P and so far no lag or connection issues.

Glad everything worked out. Hope you enjoy your Zwift experience! :ride_on: