Zwift + Surface Pro 4... what else?

Hi there,

Am about to get into Zwift (and quite excited about it) but I’m reading conflicting news on the internets on what I will need along with my Surface Pro 4 to run everything.

I’ve purchased a TacX Neo 2 and will fit my old racer onto it for the time being. As said I plan on using the Surface Pro 4 and download Zwift onto it. I also plan to buy a micro HDMI to HDMI and then run an HDMI to my TV so I can display Zwift on that.

However, do I also need this Ant + dongle? Some say I do, others say Bluetooth will pick everything up? I can buy the Garmin Ant + for £40 so no problems there but just not sure if I need one.

Does the above list sound about right? Anything else I need? Is the Surface Pro 4 enough to run things (esp. via my 55" Sony TV!).

Cheers, and hope to see you all out there.


The Neo will connect to the Surface using Bluetooth, but there are some reports of issue with BLE and the latest Windows Update.

I have had no issues using an ANT+ dongle in over 3 years of using Zwift. To me it is a much more stable and reliable connection.

You should be able to find an ANT+ stick for a better price than that, this one has worked for me:

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Superb. Thanks for the link Paul - I think I’ve managed to find the same one on which is £13.99 and have ordered that so it’ll arrive in time for me to test-drive all this stuff on the weekend.

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