Character doesn't move in game (ANT or Bluetooth on Surface Pro 4)


I’ve installeld Zwift on my work laptop (Dell XPS) and it works great in bluethooth. However on my personnal Surface Pro 4, the speed, cadence and “controllable” sensors are detected but when in game, i can’t move.

i’ve bought an ANT dongle and i still have the same problem. I can’t figure what’s wrong and how to make Zwift works on my Surface Pro 4?

Any ideas or tips ?



You might try another program like RGT or Rouvy or FulGaz or BKool to see if it’s the device or the application. I think most have a free trial period.

Also, check Power Management under Bluetooth Radio, Properties in Device Manager. uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.

You’re pairing the sensors in the Zwift pairing screen, not directly in Windows, right?

In the Zwift pairing screen, do you see and data being generated by your sensors? I.e. non-zero?

Some of the more common causes of your avatar not moving are covered in this support article.

Since you’ve got this working on a different laptop - be sure you’ve saved & exited (or trashcan the session) on that other machine before you use the Surface Pro4. If you have multiple sessions logged in at the same time - this can be one of the symptoms.

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Thanks for the replies. Ok, I will run some tests and let you know how it goes. I have one month free on Tacx Training.


Didn’t have a lot of time today but I ran a quick test: on the pairing screen, everything looks ok but no data are generated.