Issues with Dell Surface and IOS Mobile App.

Hi There, I’ve done all the latest updates and am using a relatively new surface dell computer.  I also have the mobile app. on my iPhone that I use too.  It was all running smoothly with my tacx neo and then all of the sudden it can’t find my bluetooth HR strap from garmin.  I have two of them and it can’t find either.  Then it freezes and says not responding. I tried a different order of starting the computer zwift and then app and vice versa and it still cant recognize it.  Any thoughts?

I am confused, Garmin only transmits in ANT+ so you would need an ANT+ dongle in your Surface to pickup the signal.

I have a dongle and an extension for it hooked into the surface. I’m using a micro USB adapter to plug in the HDMI cable for the tv and the USB dongle.

When I unplug and hook in my wife’s MacBook with the dongle connected directly and airplay for mirroring, no issues.

OK, but you said “then all of the sudden it can’t find my bluetooth HR strap from garmin”. 

You do have an ANT+ dongle?



Can you describe the issues you are having.

My hr strap is not being recognized and the computer barely recognizes my Tacx neo. Something about the ie program of zwift doesnt seem as stable as apple.

It might be more of an issue with the amount of power of the USB port on the Surface, you might want to get a USB hub with external power or try a USB extension to get the dongle closer to the trainer and HRM.

Hi Hans

Do you have the Microsoft Surface or one of Dell’s own similar computers?

 I have a 2015 Dell 2 in 1 that’s like a surface and a J5create USB Type-C to HDMI & Gigalan & USB adapter that I have my ant+ dongle on an extension, right underneath my tacx neo drive unit. The HDMI is plugged into the tv and the J5 and the power cord from dell is plugged into the j5create. Hope that helps.  Just got crap for snagging my wife’s MacBook again. :wink:

So, everything was working as it should but now the HR device is no longer detected. Everything else is working OK.

Just to be clear, your HR device is ANT+ or Bluetooth?

What version of operating system is running on your Dell 2 in 1?

Any chance of uploading a few images of your setup?