No zwifter during training

Hello, I am sending you this message to try to solve my problem. Indeed for some time, when I Zwift, I have no one with me, or even when I want to do a group workout. I stay alone on the circuits. Since the same period, Zwift companion does not synchronize at the same time as my session.

My configuration: I have a Tacx Flus 2 home trainer, I use Zwift on a pc with windows 10. At the network level, I am in 4G connection sharing from my mobile phone, on which companion is installed. Both apps are up to date.

Everything was working perfectly fine, and I think the problems happened a month ago. (Maybe after a phone and/or Zwift update. )

I wonder if the problem is not connection sharing, but I don’t see pq.
I did 4wk Ftp booster type programs, the sessions went well, except that I was alone on the circuits. The only indication that appears on the screen and then disappears is “connection interrupted”, but the sensors are perfectly connected and the session is proceeding correctly.
I should point out that I have been using Zwift for several years (I think I am level 28), often in this configuration and it had never been a problem.

Thanks in advance

[quote=“Manuel Canada [VCA], post:1, topic:604901, username:Manuel_Canada”]
problems happened a month ago. (Maybe after a phone

I would assume some setting was changed, can you access the advanced settings for your hotspot? Make sure it isnt metered or limited in anyway for best performance.

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I think I found where the problem was.
I specify that I have not changed either the phone or PC configuration. The only thing that has changed is that I switched to 5G, whereas before I was on 4G+.
So I think it could be an internet speed issue. The latest versions of Zwift are undoubtedly more greedy in network resources.
Thank you for your help.

It could also be that the carrier’s 4G infrastructure was blocking some of your traffic. We’ve seen this from a few mobile carriers. The 5G network equipment may be configured differently.

Did you resolve this? It has happened twice for me following recent w10 updates on my laptop. I too use 4g hotspot from my phone. The first time I deleted the updates and I am currently doing that again this morning having had a failed connection last night. Yes I get in and no riders near me. Connecting speed is fine. On home WiFi not an issue as soon I click onto 4g connection so riders disappear.