Several companion app issues

Using Zwift with the companion app (Android). Started running into a periodic issue where the companion app would essentially desync with Zwift, and the internet on the device running the companion (S21) would essentially stop working. I get 300-500 Mbps up/down on wifi. Machine running Zwift is hardwired and gets 800-1000 Mbps. This only happens when running the companion app - I can run XCloud, Steam Link, etc with no issues on the same device. Possibly related, my phone sent a warning about the companion app utilizing too much CPU for the first time last week. I tried using a Samsung Tab A8 instead for the companion, but it won’t read HR data. It will connect to my Tickr, but HR stays at zero.

@shooj tagging you here as it happened again this evening if you can pull logs. At roughly 1:20:00 my S21’s connection to wifi ground to a halt. Closed the companion app, disconnected from wifi then reconnected, reopened the companion app and it was running again.

Hi @Anders_Swanson

I’m going to ask that you contact one of my colleagues for one-on-one support reading through your logs. Our technical team can help with that.

Reading through your post, I have a couple of clarifying questions before you write in to my colleagues:

Are the computer running the Zwift game app and the phone running the Companion app on the same local network? Reading your post, it’s not clear if all your devices are on a single local network, or if you have a more complex home network arrangement.

You’re a high-level Zwifter with lots of experience, so I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing, but it’s not clear to me if your network setup is helping or hindering the Companion app’s ability “see” the game app.

@shooj thanks for responding. Confirming that both the phone and PC are on the same network. Tried two different routers as well (Nest wifi and Nighthawk). On the last go I made sure that the Companion app was the only app running. Doesn’t happen on every ride, maybe every third one usually between 45’ and 80’ in. Thanks again.

Mesh networks and Zwift don’t go well together - plenty of people with similar wi-fi oddities have posted here (without resolution).

Do you have a spare non-mesh wi-fi router available and are you comfortable playing around with settings on it?

Yep, same thing happened on the Nighthawk which is just a standalone router, not a mesh.

ETA - got HR working again on the Tab A8, and it doesn’t seem to do it with that. Also, my wife’s set up with Mac/iPhone works fine. Seems to be isolated to the S21.

OK, thought the Nighthawk may have been their mesh model too.

I have an S21 and when I have used as Companion App, it never complained. Not to say it wouldn’t though as I don’t use it that often to be fair, as my Galaxy Tab S runs flawlessly (when I remember to charge it). I’m not too smart on phones so out of any advice to help (except phone reset). Good luck.

By any chance, is the S21 set to prioritize your cell network over WiFi? Please check that it defaults to WiFi first in your Android system settings.

Disable smart network switching. It’s in advanced wi-fi settings.

All of the intelligent wifi services are disabled, so it should always prioritize wifi over mobile data regardless of speed. Its truly strange - I can tell when its about to happen as the power data will lag in game, and then rapidly flick through a bunch of data in a short period of time as it catches up. It will do that a few times, then disconnect (although my phone will still show that I’m on the network).

I’ve had any smart network management disabled in the phone for a while. I might be wrong about this but it looks like the newer Android releases have pared back several of the advanced settings. Might try and enable the developer options to see if I’m missing something.