Disconnections on different devices after the last update [February 2024] [1.59]

I can not use zwift since the last update (lost connection every 2-3 second), i try with 2 cell phones and tablet ( android) + PC without success + changing wifi frequency. My whoosh app works well so its not my machine. What can i do ? I purshase an annual suscription last january 20 and it wad working well until the update…how to correct that bug ?

Any chance the game is still running on a second device? That can divert your paired devices. To test, power off all but one, power cycle the trainer, and launch the game on exactly one device.

Hi! Yes i did it …( one device at a time, shutting others devices ) unfortunately it did not work either…thanks for youre help ( still trying to find a solution… )

Hi @Vivi_L welcome to Zwift Forums! I appreciate the steps you already performed to continue using the Zwift app, especially when you created an annual membership. Could you please confirm which trainer are you using?

Since you’re experiencing disconnections on all your devices, please make sure to log out from all of them and log back into just one. Then, you can give the following steps a try, such as:

  • Please make sure your trainer is not already paired directly with your phone, tablet, or another application.
  • Close any other applications that the devices running Zwift could be pairing to.
  • Turn off or remove any other Bluetooth (BLE) devices from the area.
  • Your trainer is near the device running Zwift.

In case the disconnections persist, do not hesitate to reach out to support@zwift.com, we’ll be glad to continue assisting you!

It works since a disconnected the resistance, weird it was working before ? What is the consequence when i disconnect the resistance ?