No Wrench Icon after Latest Update

Following the latest update, I have noticed that the wrench icon is missing from the pairing screen. I went to calibrate and it was not there. I restarted the application and no luck. I am riding a Hammer Direct Drive Trainer. I know that with a new one it takes a few rides for the wrench to appear. However, mine is not new. I know I can use the Rouvy app to calibrate, but doing it on Zwift is convenient. Is anyone else having this issue? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Is there an update that is going to be pushed out to fix this bug?


Some calibrations were removed in the latest update: Game Update: Feb 27, 2020

I would suggest always using the manufactures app to calibrate trainers since Zwift might not have access to the latest data.


Thank You Paul! I will use the Rouvy app to calibrate. I never really thought about that. I appreciate the help!


Hi Paul: I may be late to this question but ran into it this morning. Erg mode workout seemed off. Coach told me to do a calibration in Zwift - “find the wrench”. I’m using a first generation Hammer smart trainer - it interfaces fabulously with Zwift and there is no wrench icon upon pairing? Saris has an app with a calibration function - am I missing something in Zwift? Is the Hammer software for calibration the best option?

Yes, using the manufactures app to calibrate is the best option for ALL trainers.