Calibration - no wrench

I’m having issues with in game calibration. Using a Magnus 2 smart trainer but do not see the wrench. Is there a specific type of membership you need to have? I’m new and still in free trial.

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I believe the wrench will only show up if Zwift supports the specific trainer’s calibration tool, so not all of them will have this option. However, even if Zwift does support it, it is better to use the manufacturers app to calibrate the trainer. Does Cyclops have an app for this trainer?


Hi @Jay_Guthin

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Just use the manufacturer celebration tool. It give the same result and calibration is stored on the trainer not on Zwift so you will be good.

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I need one of these :rofl:


Thanks everyone. Will use the Saris app.

I get the “wrench” when using my PC and ANT+ but do not get the wrench when using my IPad and Bluetooth.

I had/have the wrench show with previous KK Smart control and now with my Elite Suito, neither of them would calibrate in Zwift. It’s pretty much broken for most the smart trainers out.