Calibration “Wrench” nonexistent

Hi everyone. I’m trying to calibrate my saris wheel-on trainer to Zwift and keep coming across how-to videos that talk about a “wrench” that appears once you pair the device with the app. I don’t see a wrench. Any suggestions on how I can make sure my smart trainer is calibrated correctly with the app? Thanks.

are you connecting via ant+ or Bluetooth? I only ever see the wrench when connected to my tablet via Bluetooth, if I connect via ant+ on the laptop I don’t see the wrench but I tend to calibrate the trainer via the manufacturers app, there should be one provided by saris for this

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Thanks! I will look for a saris app to help calibrate! Also, I’m using my laptop so will try using my tablet snd see if it shows up.

If you are using a Wahoo trainer (I’ve only experience with the Wahoo line so I can’t comment on the other brands but I imagine it’s the same thing) use the Wahoo app to calibrate your trainer. It is much more accurate and comprehensive. The Zwift calibration will merely get you into the parking lot of the ball park.

See Smart Trainer Firmware Updates – Saris for details of the Saris App and how to calibrate and update firmware with it.

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When you pair the trainer make sure you pair it as Power and Controllable. If you use ANT+ then you need to select the FE-c option.