Zwift/Saris calibration i

Anyone having trouble with calibrating a bike using the Saris smart trainer and Zwift

No but you have to use the Saris app. Do not use the Zwift function. ensure you are completely disconnected from Zwift.

Or you can use the Rouvy app.

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Thank you! I used to have the wrench calibration icon on Zwift, but it was taken down. Have had trouble calibrating since. Will try the Saris and disconnect it from Zwift. Wish I could actually go as fast as Zwift makes me appear. Thanks for reaching out.

Yes it was taken down for calibrating using Bluetooth.

I have re-calibrated my bike Using only the Saris app. Totally disconnected from Zwift. However, my Swift account is still inaccurate I can’t go as fast as my avatar says I can. Thank you for your time and help.

Zwift will only simulate with the data that is sent to it. Are you sure your height and weight is set correctly. (check the units as well)