Calibration icon lost for Sarris H3


I used to be able to calibrate my Sarris H3 on zwift. Since version 1.20.x every time I was trying calibrate, Zwift was crashing. And now, with version 1.22.1, I don’t see the calibration icon anymore. Why is this happening?


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I assume you are using Bluetooth, there was a bug with the Saris calibration on Bluetooth. Best to use the Saris app.

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I can’t say this with 100% certainty unless I check with the team to confirm, but I’ve been in Zwift tech support for many years, and I know that in the past Zwift’s developers have disabled the in-game calibration for Saris trainers when calibration issues arise – in this case it could have been done to prevent app crashes like what you described – and this is typically done until the team can figure out a fix. This may be what happened as of the latest Zwift app version.

As Gerrie mentioned, it’s best to use the Saris app to calibrate until these issues are sorted out on the Zwift side.


As an update to close this matter (for now), I heard back from the team and got official confirmation that Zwift’s developers did disable calibration in-game for Saris smart trainers, and this is while the team is working to resolve some bugs/issues.

That said, the suggested workaround is as previously mentioned: use the Saris app to calibrate Saris trainers.


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Yes I use Bluetooth because I’m on Apple TV. It does work well on the Saris App. It just bothers me if I’m not calibrated and must drop out of Zwift, calibrate and restart. But I really thought that was the problem. Hopefully they will find the solution some day.

Thanks a lot.