Zwift for Christmas, safer than my streets

Ok, so I had a job that allowed me to cycle every morning for PT, I was racking 20-30 miles a day. Changed jobs and now my cycling is on my time, so I chose Zwift ( several of my buddies do it ).

Purchased a M2 and am going the Apple route. iPad iPhone TV trying it all. I can’t seem to get the calibration thing right. I know what 20 mph feels like in my legs, but I can’t seem to trust the calibration.

The nerd in me says that the tension on the roller is too much but Saris says up to a 1/3 deflection and let it click.

The one time I had it working right was great, but today I know I wasn’t riding 50 mph ( deleted that ride BTW )

If anyone sees an ah-ha that I am know aware of, let me know. Thanks in advance.


What are you using to do the calibration, Zwift or the Sais App?

I tried them all but right now Zwift. It’s the Zwift program that figures the voltage deltas to get the readout, I assume.

You should be using the trainers manufactures app to do calibration, the Zwift app might not have the most recent info on the firmware.

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Ok…I will recal with the SARIS app


So tried Saris and it was still crazy wrong. Went back to a Zwift cal and it got better. Did a Crit race and got coned in D class. Went out strong, too strong got to the front once, but eventually finished 31st.

Hill resistance were not consistent, can some one explain the difficulty slider?

Do I have spin 10 mins, then cal every time I ride?

Those that know please assist.