Variation in distance covered - is it just a "user issue"?

(The Speed vs. Power thread reminded me to ask this question).
A couple of weeks ago I did a 20 mile workout and got in at just under the hour. I don’t recall that being particular painful - not “easy” and a good workout but not one I’d consider suffering.

When I did that for the first time I considered that my “hour baseline” and something I could improve upon. However, since then over a number of rides I have stuggled to get near it, with distances of 19.3, 19.5 and the like. These have been more painful!

I certainly know from experience that performance varies day-to-day but I have been surprised that a reasonable straightforward distance has proven much more difficult across a number or rides.

Is there any possibility that something in Zwift may have changed to explain this?

Or - more likely - is it just me? :slight_smile:

I am using a Kickr, by the way.



The main reason this is probably happening is that you’ve now entered your weight and it’s different than our old 74kg (163lb) default.

Ah ha - that’s probably it :slight_smile: Can you remind me when that option became available (and Zwift started respecting it). My 20 miler was on January 4th and since January 7th I have been a miserable failure :slight_smile:

The solution is clearly to get to 163 lbs. Only 24 to drop…

Thank you Jon.


Hi Mark,

We started allowing people to enter in their weight prior to that for testing, but only announced it on the 10th (which is probably when you entered it in).

I had an interesting observation last night on my first ride in a few days (since the update, I think). My preferences are for the metric system and I’d been using that up unitl the last ride which put me back to imperial (no big deal, rode like that and then updated my preferences afterwards. I assume they’ll be back to metric next time). But the strange thing is that I rode 6 laps and change but came in at 29.6km (once I switched over to metric - my Strava is metric too). I always thought, based on my previous rides, that a lap was 5km so 6 and change is 30km and change. Any thoughts as to what is going on?