Power x Speed relationship 1/15/15

I’ve been riding for 1 hour daily since Sunday. Today my speed was a lot faster than the previous days. I use a Cyclops fluid2 with a Quarq Elsa. I had a little higher power today but I cover almost 10 miles more.

I don’t have an explanation for this. Do you have both rides uploaded to strava or similar for comparison?

Nothing with the physics has changed in a couple of months, and your weight looks ok to me currently.

Thanks for the reply. I just uploaded to Strava and it looks like the numbers are pretty close for all my rides, about 16 miles in 1 h. But at the screen when I was riding today it said I did 26 miles.

You probably would have noticed the units in game but I have twice had the units flip from Imperial to Metric without my changing it and it took me a little while to realize it happened. Just over 16 miles is 26K so it would have said 26k at the end of your ride if it was in Metric, and your speed would have seemed high. Maybe log back in to verify which units are being displayed.

You are right. That is what happened. Thanks