No Watts

My Elite Suito smart trainer has been connected to my laptop and working fine for a few months with no problem. This morning, NO WATTS, and only RPM and my avatar does not leave the start line. There is obviously a communication problem between the trainer and laptop. I use Bluetooth & Ant+ dongle. I have removed all devices and reinstalled and repaired, but no joy getting the system working properly again. Any ideas?

I have the same problem, works on iphone but not on PC

Hi @Scott_Melville welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwfit HQ here. I’m seeing something odd on your session logs for Septmber 20. There are several logins from one or more Windows machines without a matching number of logouts.

  1. Are you using more than one Windows machine to Zwift?
  2. If no - is the game app crashing?
  3. If not crashing - how are you ending your sessions? Are you using the trashcan to end your session, or something else?

The reason I ask is that when there’s more than one session opened at a time, the symptom you’re having is one of the results.

Thanks for your assistance.

I only use one windows device to login. Sometimes I have used my phone to login, but never actually used my phone for a training session.

On Sept 20, I was struggling with the pairing so I may have started and ended several sessions while trying to get the pairing working and the power activated.

I have subsequently checked all my Bluetooth & Ant+ connections between my Elite trainer and laptop. Seems like the connections had changed, so I reconnected using “Elite FE-C” and all is okay.

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