No watts shown beacuse of paying with creditcard? Do i have to wait?

Hi everybody,

I did a free trial period a few months ago, but i had some troubles with calibrating my trainer and i stopped using it (mainlky because of the great weather). I wanted to install Zwift and my Direto this day and i my Direto works fine now. My Elite Direto was cllibrated and works in MyEtraining. So this must be ok.

But now the problem is that i cant see Watts on Zwift. The connection looks fine (it can see cadence and it makes connection). But i payed today with creditcard…Can this be the problem? Are my watts ‘‘blocked’’ beacuse the payement is ‘‘hanging in the air’’? Is this normal or do i have troubles again?

I hope someone can help me,

Thanks a LOT and greetings!

Hey Jeffrey,

I’m sorry that you were having trouble getting your avatar to move. If you’re still having this trouble, could you please open a support ticket here, and we’ll gladly assist you with this problem? Please also include a copy of all the log files from your device running Zwift.