Is my calibration off

I seem to be faster going up hill and get not fast enough down hill. Is there a way to test if my calibration is correct?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lach,

What kind of set-up do you have? Power meter? Smart trainer? Classic trainer + speed sensor?

Wahoo Kickr and yes I have done their set up procedure.

I had a interesting ride yesterday. Started off riding, was at the 3 or 4 mile mark and all of a sudden my watts are up in the 1000 range and I am passing by other bikers like I am on a motorcycle going 80mhp. I stopped pedaling and the watts went down to 0. Started pedaling again and things seemed good, then all of a sudden I started hitting high watts. I stopped and disconnected from ZWIFT and restarted the app. Same thing - with a message stating either I was a Pro Cyclist or my gear needed calibration. I exited and recalibrated my KICKR using the Wahoo spin down app. Then went back into ZWIFT. Same error message and same issue with watts. I left ZWIFT and loaded BKOOL and road 20 miles without a problem.

Note: last night that I had troubles logging in (this was a first). ZWIFT log in screen keep timing out - telling me to check my internet connection which was working fine.

Is…was this a calibration issue or connectivity issue? This is the first time this has ever happened. I used BKOOL, Trainer Road and ZWIFT. Only experienced it with ZWIFT (so far).

Connectivity / stability will definitely cause upset with data figures. This maybe due to provider or particular set up. If you are using WiFi make sure signal is nice and strong or if possible temporarily use an Ethernet cable to see if things improve.

I had a similar experience this morning - hooked up and started riding. I had a spike of watts at 1600 watts! Apparently that triggers some sort of rewards, because it opened up a sweet looking specialized carbon frame bike and carbon wheels. 

I figured it was some sort of strange glitch. And now I’ve gone public with the rewards and might lose them. At least I looked really cool for one day.


I got the opposite with my Wahoo, the Wahoo app often shows 10 KM/PH MORE than Zwift, Zwift often registrates 10Km/PH or less riding speed when pedaling my ass off, during a life ride it’s even fysicaly impossible for me to drive slower than 10 KM/PH :wink: