No startscreen, no cycling


Got my Elite Tuo trainer 4 days ago. Pairing worked like a charm. And ready to go i was…i thougt… when zwift opens i dont get a startscreen to choose were to cycle. And even worse my avatar wont move. Trying to get in contact with zwift, and ambassadors nobody answers… i made myself a member but de 7 day training in the screen … isnt started… what am i doing wrong?

When using Bluetooth, make sure your Elite Tuo isn’t paired to anything when starting Zwift, Bluetooth only supports one connection at the time.

Keep in mind when you start Zwift for the first time you’ve to do a tutorial ride, that’s why you can’t select a world / route.

Thanks for answering, i use ant+ so that would be ok. I cycle but the avatar doesnt move…even when i cycle really hard

HI try deleting and re installing the zwift app and ensuring that you have the bluetooth enabled to turbo and no other bluetooth devices enabled

Did the re installing 2 times. Also on tablet and phone. All the same problem. I m thinking maybe something wrong with the tuo

HI have you installed turbo specific app or software if required?

Things you can check:

Is the power meter in the Zwift pairing screen set to the Tuo Ant+ FE-C?

Did you try Bluetooth?

Can you pair with the Elite app and does that give Watts?

Installed the elite app, it found my trainer. But doesnt calibrate our anything. Installed the upgrade app…it cant find my trainer…bluetooth and ant+

Zwift pairing doesnt say FE-C

Bluetooth cant find controllable,
ant+ will find it…

Elite app i cant calibrate our anything… even trying to cycle 25 minutes


Keep in mind that what’s selected under power meter drives your avatar in the Zwift game world, controllable only manages the resistance of your trainer.

Also, Elite uses two apps. One for updating the firmware, and another one, called myETraining, for calibration.

The shop were i bought my elite was open. Told them al the steps… they think i got one with a defect. Hoping they solve the problem. Thanks for all the help. Hope to zwift soon!