No Speed/Cadance in ride, but yes in pairing menu

(Ernesto Phillips (66%)) #1

I have a Garmin speed/cadence sensor connected via ANT+.  while in the middle of the ride the cadence and speed drops to 0. Sometimes it comes back and picks up and sometimes not, During the same time i do not drop the heart rate sensor.  So the last time I jumped off coarse and while still spinning went to the pairing menu, the sensor is showing speed and cadence in the pairing menu but not in game? steps taken so far.


  1. Changes batteries

2.  changed sensor (borrowed friends)

  1. Moves cables, replaced usb cable.


(Mark Weiss (AZ)) #2

Check the gaps between the magnets and the sensor. Also check alignment of the magnets’ sweep with the grooves on the sensor. When I have a dropout, the sensor has rotated a bit around the chain stay and the gap(s) become too large.

(Mark Weiss (AZ)) #3