Connects to Speed/Cadence but shows 0 MPH 0 Cadence

My sensor has worked fine in the past, pre and post-beta. However, now I go to ride and Zwift picks up my Speed/Cadence sensor (dummy sensor with classic style trainer) but shows 0MPH and 0RPM even though they are paired. I restarted Zwift, my computer, restarted again, took the ANT+ dongle out, put it back again, restarted again. I can’t get it to pick up speed and rpm. The guy just won’t move. The dongle does pick up my HR though and accurately displays it on the pairing screen.

Have you tried changing the battery for the speed/cadence sensor?

I have the same problem - w/ a fresh battery in the speed/cadence sensor

That did it. Dunno why my Garmin picked it up just fine but the ANT dongle didnt… But changing the Duotrap battery did the trick.