Cadence and speed paired but no watts, only rpm

Hello, I have my garmin speed and cadence sensor connected via Bluetooth on my PC, but when I ride no watts, only rpm but I don’t move at all.

People here might need a picture of your pairing screen to see exactly what has and hasn’t paired.

I’m also interested to know if you can unpair the cadence and just pair the speed sensor? Does that give speed?

I hope you can figure it out Jill. I see this same issue posted multiple times. I posted the same problem about my Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor 2 and my Mac with bluetooth connection. I tried multiple solutions for 3 days with no fix. I also called Zwift and left a voicemail and also 2 emails with no response. I am very disappointed with the experience.

@Jill_Sakowsky Most often this is from the sensors interfering with each other, try unpairing cadence and just pairing the speed sensor. This should allow you to move and have watts.

@HamletTX Sorry we haven’t got to you’re email, we are under a SUPER heavy influx of conversations at the moment, which has our response times drastically delayed. We are responding to all support emails in the order they came in, so hopefully we’ll be at yours soon. In the meantime, try what I recommended above.

Ride On!

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