No Signal with cadence sensor and AppleTV

Running AppleTV 4k (version 13.4.6) - latest Zwift tvOS app at time of post
Running iPhone Xs (v. 13.5) - latest Zwift Companion iOS app at time of post

Wahoo TICKR HR Strap
Wahoo KICKR Snap
Garmin cadence sensor 2

Setting: Because you can only run two additional BTE devices directly into an AppleTV (due to Apple remote), I need to use the iOS companion app to get all three devices hooked up.

Problem: I can connect all three devices to the companion app (using the UI on tvOS), however the cadence sensor 2 shows “No signal.” - I had the sensor simultaneously hooked to TrainerRoad via ANT+ on a separate machine, and the sensor was outputting cadence data.

Troubleshooting: When I connect the cadence sensor directly to the tvOS Zwift app, it connects and sends cadence data. When I try to move it over to the iOS companion app, I get the No Signal error.

What I noticed: If you go into the Zwift device pairing screen on tvOS, and have the Zwift app forget all of the BTE devices, exit Zwift, without closing Zwift, and sit in the Bluetooth settings menu on tvOS. Wait until your cadence sensor auto-shuts off. AppleTV returns a “cadence sensor disconnected from Zwift” error. I’m wondering why this comes up, even though I already told Zwift (tvOS) to forget all my devices. It would appear that Zwift (tvOS) is not appropriately releasing/handing off the cadence sensor to the companion app on the phone.

I have the same set-up, and I’m having the same problem with cadence, but it is an intermittent problem - the companion app and cadence worked flawlessly yesterday, but today I had to use AppleTV to get cadence (and give up heart rate).

I can’t find the Zwift device pairing screen on tvOS, but I’m wondering whether I need to delete the cadence sensor from my iphone – I’m not sure it needs to be there for the companion app to work – and maybe that’s sometimes taking the BTE signal?

I also have the same issue

When I connect though the Apple TV all my device connect all be it two at a time

But when I connect though my companion app

All I get is no signal of sometimes there not even there

Battery on all devices are ok

And I turn all other Bluetooth device off

I brought the Apple TV only for the pain cave

And at the moment I’m unable to run my heart rate monitor

All the videos I watch it say that once you select the third device it will ask you to connect though the companion app but mine just say disconnect that device

I have to select the top right hand option to connect all through the companion app and this is where my errors accrue

And the remote for what’s it worth this need throwing away this would solve all my issues lol

Does anybody have a mother option other that’s the the other heart rate monitor witch bridges but that cost a fortune

My solution was to buy North Pole Engineering’s CABLE device. All the sensors now connect first to the Cable, which sends all the information to AppleTV using just one Bluetooth channel. It was easy to set up, and it has worked perfectly, with one very minor exception – when I calibrate using Zwift, I first get a message that it failed to find a device, but when I immediately try again, it always works. (You can find YouTube videos where people explain how to set up the CABLE and connect to Zwift – I found it very intuitive.)