AppleTV - Cadence on Companion App

I run Zwift on AppleTV where I connect HRM and Power via BLE. I run the Companion App on an Android.
When I attach the cadence sensor to the Companion App, it seems to only appear only on the App screen. With this setup, Is it possible to have cadence displayed on the Apple TV in addition to the Companion App?

If I enter a race or event, can the cadence be tracked to show in Zwift summary screen and/or zwiftpower results?


Wit ht eApple TV, when paired properly the cadence should be tracked in the game hud as well as in the companion app, and it is included with the data fed to Strava or whatever other third part fitness app you use. I don’t know if it is included in the zwiftpower results.

It seems common that when pairing to the companion app, the cadence tile in the pairing screen will indicate “No Signal”. When this happens, unpair and re-pair the cadence sensor. At this time you should see the cadence sensor in the selection window indicated with a phone icon along with a bluetooth symbol in it, and the bluetooth button in the companion app will turn from red to blue. The cadence should then be tracking in the game along with power and heart rate.

Hi Aaron,
I finally got to try your suggestion and un-pairing/re-pairing worked perfectly on both the HUD and on the AppleTV screen. Thanks a lot for the tips.


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