No signal connecting via ANT+ Windows 10

I am connecting a win10 PC via ANT+. I have a NEO.

All was working just fine.

Now it is connecting and losing signal, showing no signal on pairing screen.

I understand there is an issue with win10 and BT connections but does this apply.

I have tried different ANT+ dongles, connecting to garmin edge, all fine. It is the connection via ANT+ that is issue.

Many thanks

I have the same issue with my ANT+ connection on Win10 on a Bkool Smart go. The connection drops out between the trainer + pc every 5 minutes.

Also, when connected, the resistance of the trainer fluctuates sporadically and drastically, even in training mode.

It started three days ago after a Windows update. Can anyone help?


This is just a shot in the dark, but did you try to disable Bluetooth completely on your Windows pc.

I have this same issue too!! We are discussing on another thread, but I AM ON A WAHOO KICKR … this is a Zwift problem or a Windows problem and it is not to do with the win10 update … This is something else …

I do not have bluetooth on the PC.

I was wondering if its to do with Garmin Connect or Express.

How do you see if running in background and disable ?

I would delete this on my Zwift PC. It is known to interfere.

Or change the settings in Garmin Express so it doesn’t launch automatically on Windows start-up

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