No road feel for Neo Smart Bike

Agreed, road feel is one of the key features with the tacx neo bike smart - please enable it on the zwift side.

The tacx neo bike smart has been advertised as having road feel on zwift, however it seems like this hasn’t been enabled on the zwift side. Can this please be enabled for this smart bike?

I’ve been looking forward to the Game Update: Oct 29, 2019 - but nope, no mentioning of NEO Bike Smart :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still won‘t work on my Neo2T - please fix this!

Recently purchased a Tacx Neo 2T as a perceived upgrade and to replace my 2016 Kickr. Road feel was a unique selling point. Very disappointing that Zwift has not enabled this feature. It works perfectly on a friends Neo 1. Have sent Zwift an email.

Road feel is fine on my 2T connected by Bluetooth. The issue is with Ant+

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Once I switched my Garmin heart rate chest strap to Garmin Dual (ANT + Bluetooth) the signal would transmit to Zwift.

It works both on my iPAD but I have since switched to Apple TV 4K. Works great.

Agree, I just took delivery of the Neo Smart Bike there on Thursday last, very disappointed that road feel is not available in Zwift out of the box. Please make this a priority.

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Oh yeah, please add Tacx Neo Bike Smart to the supported bikes. Tacx is advertising this - which brought me to Zwift in the beginning: