No road feel for Neo Smart Bike

Only the Tacx Films… Tacx Road Feel explained — but not as fun as Zwift :cry:

I just saw this: New Tacx App
So might be worth a try.

RIDE ON! I just tested the latest Zwift update (announced on about December 7) and I can confirm that road feel is now working for me on the Tacx NEO 2T Smart trainer over ANT+. I hope the Neo Smart Bike owners get sorted out soon too.


Looks like this got fixed for Neo 2T users but not the Neo Bike Smart. Please enable this Zwift. There are literally dozens of us riding on the Neo Bike Smart!


So, after yesterday’s update ride feel is working on the Tacx Neo Bike - fantastic. Thanks Zwift!


Holper Holper! There it is. Love it :heart:! Thanks :pray:. Now winter can come…

Yes, mine seems fixed, got quite a surprise on a Zwift group ride when we hit some cobble sets!!
Well done Tacx/Garmin.

Yes road feel is working with the Bluetooth connection, but not yet with the ant+ (win 10)

Still doesn’t seem to be an option on AppleTV (BLE) - hopefully that’s next in the queue.

I had this exact problem. My first “orientation ride” the road feel worked however didn’t work on the second ride. The Settings in Zwift showed that road feel option was activated however it didn’t work. Any updates?

It’s already July 2020 and the Tacx neo bike smart T8000 is still not suitable for use with zwift. On the Tacx platform, the road feel and slope percentage work great. Will you do something about it or do you prefer to sleep? :wink:

My bike works (Road simulation) perfectly with Zwift, the only thing that I wish would be supported is the extra buttons, but that is a zwift problem.

What bike?

Road feel was fixed months ago for the Tacx Neo Bike Smart - are you connected by Bluetooth or ANT? I seem to recall it may only work with Bluetooth (but not sure)

Yesterday everything surprised and works :slight_smile:

Great! Did you change anything?

I am using a Neo 2T, 4K Apple interface… last night I had road feel… on this mornings ride — NO road feel…, no changes/updates… in Zwift settings road feel is turned on… corrective actions? (Help!) :blush: