No Ride On during rides

(Michael) #41

Thx! Its now working again!

(Catherine) #42

I have been experiencing the exact same issue lately. I noticed it for the first time maybe two weeks ago. It’s pretty much playing out as Neil described, where I am part of the group ride, but not getting the ride-ons or group messages. I also got the green jersey for every sprint, but was the only one listed. This morning when it happened, I had joined one group ride for a bit (where I could see chat messages), then quit it to join a different group ride. It was in the 2nd group ride where I couldn’t see any chats or ride-ons. I was running Zwift via an ipad and had the companion app running on my iphone. I had to quit zwift in order to join the 2nd group ride, but likely did not quit the companion app in between…

I reinstalled the Zwift app and companion app this morning and will see if that corrects the issue…

(Catherine) #43

I’ve uninstalled Zwift & the companion app from my ipad and iphone and reinstalled them, multiple times, but cannot get the chat feature working again. I see zero chat messages or ride-ons from anyone else, but I can send messages and give ride-ons. Anyone find a more creative solution that fixed this? I think Zwift is aware of this issue but am opening a support ticket. This sure makes it hard to participate in group rides!

( Double A) #44

Experienced this today on ATV4K during the Fondo - no ride-ons, and message board was blank, but afterwards in Companion it said I received 16 ride-ons during the ride. This has happened to me once before. I usually chalk it up to some network issue. Odd, though - everything else was working AOK.