No Ride On during rides

(Karen McCarthy) #21

It has happened on at least my last 3 group rides. I have restarted Apple TV several times and verified that app is updated. Also, on Companion the messages do not show up there either.

(Vincent W.) #22

Can you do a fresh launch of Zwift (close the app then restart it) to see if this error still happens on your group rides?

(Trev Ross Team Zf) #23

I have no group chat in group rides. Has been happening for several weeks now. Damn annoying…

(Karen McCarthy) #24

I just did the new update and that seemed to fix the issue. I now have group chats and ride-ons.

(Christian Boudreau (CCS)JZQC) #25

I am having the exact same problem. No ride-ons during ride but they show up in Companion afterwards.
This bug came after update compagnion to 3.0

(Josh Bonc (Cruz Bike)) #26

I have been seeing a similar behavior since sometime in November. No ride on’s during a group ride and no group ride messages. This is on an iPad Pro 12” (Gen 1). I don’t bother checking the companion app; the main app should work :wink:

My firewall settings have not changed. I also close all apps on the iPad before launching Zwift each time. I had some BTLE issues in the past before making sure all apps were actually closed.