No Ride On during rides

(Karen McCarthy) #21

It has happened on at least my last 3 group rides. I have restarted Apple TV several times and verified that app is updated. Also, on Companion the messages do not show up there either.

(Vincent) #22

Can you do a fresh launch of Zwift (close the app then restart it) to see if this error still happens on your group rides?

(Trev Ross Team Zf) #23

I have no group chat in group rides. Has been happening for several weeks now. Damn annoying…

(Karen McCarthy) #24

I just did the new update and that seemed to fix the issue. I now have group chats and ride-ons.

(Christian Boudreau (CCS)JZQc) #25

I am having the exact same problem. No ride-ons during ride but they show up in Companion afterwards.
This bug came after update compagnion to 3.0

I might have found a way to fix it.
In option I had hide public discution cheked.
I just chek show public discution and the Ride On came back

(Josh Bonc (Cruz Bike)) #26

I have been seeing a similar behavior since sometime in November. No ride on’s during a group ride and no group ride messages. This is on an iPad Pro 12” (Gen 1). I don’t bother checking the companion app; the main app should work :wink:

My firewall settings have not changed. I also close all apps on the iPad before launching Zwift each time. I had some BTLE issues in the past before making sure all apps were actually closed.

(Vincent) #27

Thanks for the details Josh! Do you mind checking the companion app just to see if you receive those Ride On’s there? This helps us pinpoint possible sources of the issue.

(Vincent) #28

Hey @Christian_Boudreau do you mind providing a screenshot of this “public discution” setting?

(Josh Bonc (Cruz Bike)) #29

Looking after the ride, the companion app shows 19 ride on’s. Like others, my jersey was also empty. I’ll try to look during my next group ride this week and report if the companion app is recording values during the ride or only after.

(Josh Bonc (Cruz Bike)) #30

Looks like something changed. Last night I did not see any Christmas lights on the jungle climb. Tonight on the Watopia hilly course (original KOM), I saw the lights on the trees going up the KOM on the reverse loop. My iPad app is still running the same version as yesterday.

The more interesting part. Tonight I kept the companion app open as I started to warm up and at the start of the group ride. I saw messages throughout the ride and saw the ride on’s in game. After a bit, I brought discord to the fore on my phone and the companion app lost sync with my session, but messages kept coming in and ride on’s still happened.

One other difference with tonight. Usually I warm up my trainer for 10-20 minutes (Kickr Snap), close out my session, immediately open a new session, run a spin down test, then join the world. Tonight, I warmed up, ran the spin down within my session and just joined the group ride. I did not close and open a new session. I know, bad tester changing two variables at once. :wink:

One sample is not enough to draw a conclusion, but at least it was better behaved tonight.

(Vincent) #31

Interesting…thank you for the detailed response! We’ll continue to monitor reports.

(Brian McKeown (Squad)) #32

I have had the exactly the same issue with Apple TV started about 3 weeks ago was always able to see the ride ons now I do not. Please fix this Zwift it’s obviously an issue with the Apple TV app

(Lin) #33

@Brian_McKeown Highly recommend you manually double check that you have updated your TV OS, Zwift app, and Companion app. Then force quit and restart them all.

(Brian McKeown (Squad)) #34

They have all been updated. Any other suggestions?

(Lin) #35

Unplug your Apple TV for 5min and the plug it back in?! Maybe that will clear some hung up process??

Otherwise, I am out of ideas. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I don’t think this is an Apple TV problem. I have been on the Apple TV 4K for ~1yr now. The only issue I have personally seen is my chat messages not showing on screen, but that was a one time only thing. Many issues w/Zwift are the result of OS upgrades, Zwift app upgrades, and/or Companion app upgrades being out of sync. Hence my recommendation to manually make sure everything is updated. Do not wait for auto-update which may or may not be enabled.

You mentioned it started ~3 weeks ago. What changed ~3 weeks ago that could be related to this problem?

(Neil) #36

I had the exact same problem aswell. No ride ons during the group ride, no chat on the screen. But I found out later my messages could be seen but I couldnt see any replies. My ride ons appeaered later on the CA… Another thing I noticed was that I was the only one listed in the sprints and ended the ride with all the jerseys. It was like I was taking part in the group ride but on the outside if that makes sense. I have done 2 group rides since and all works as normal.

(Ann McCollum (NM)) #37

Today I had the same experience described here of not seeing ROs or group chats in group ride when everone else’s pockets are busting. In the past 5 days I have done 3 group rides (Pack Social, LDN Stage 1, and ZSun Social today). Today I was unable to see ROs and group messages, but saw after the fact in Companion app that I had received 9 ROs. In Pack and LDN, I saw/received chats and ROs. The Zsun group is usually more chatty and generous with ROs, so I noticed it was really quiet. I use Zwift on iPad. Will double check its updated.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #38

I do my rides mostly solo, but I took part in Group event - Tour d Zwift (Jungle), yesterday.
Nothing -> neither RideOn(s) nor any chat during the ride.

After the ride was finished I could see it in my Activities list and there were several Rideons listed.

(Michael) #39

I have the same issue since 2 weeks. Riding with ipad and using on my iphone the comp app. I dont get ride ons during the group ride and don‘t see any conversation. Also in the sprints etc i am the only one… after the ride is finished, all is uploaded ok to garmin and strava. The only issue is that during group rides i dont get ride ons and cant see conversations.
I receive all ride ones after the ride.
I also checked the tick box in the comp app to see all the group ride conversation - switched to on.

I have no idea whats wrong… please help

(Lin) #40

A couple of suggestions…

  • Make sure both the Zwift app and the Companion app are updated to the latest version.
  • Force quit both the Zwift app and the Companion app after each riding session.