No Resistance issue at TDZ Stage3


Today during the tour de zwift stage 3 in the mountain , we were a couple of person who experience almost no resistance during the whole climb. it was like riding on flat . there are may be more people having the same issue.

In my setting of zwift, I set the trainer difficulty at MAX.

Strange thing is that when I do a normal ride, I have the resistance.

It seems to e related to TDZ ???

Any solution to that ?

Thanks for help

  1. Make sure your Zwift app is the latest version.
  2. Make sure that your trainer is paired as “controllable” so that Zwift can control the resistance.

I had this issue on Saturday in TDZ Stage 3 Longer Ride. All was fine, until circa 15km in.

AppleTV (up-to-date); Cyclops/ Saris Hammer 1. Hard Restart of the Hammer didn’t work, only unplugging and plugging in AppleTV again seemed to solve it.

It was fine before, and has been since, but I recall having a similar issue before in a large scale event back in April or May up the Alpe.

I don’t believe it was a hammer issue, as it connected with TrainerRoad on my phone before I did the restart of Apple TV.

i have the latest version and my trainer is correctly paired with zwift